Michael's work focuses specifically on exploring the human impact on the environment. He is currently undertaking an extensive project to document the causes and effects of our changing climate as personal exploration and to improve ecological awareness around the world. This body of work has received endorsements from the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, Prof. Tim Flannery & Emeritus Prof. Dexter Dunphy. Michael is a regular presenter of his work. He was until recently the first creative fellow of the Climate Institute in Australia. 

“ Michael’s victim is our planet as we know it now … and he gives it a voice. His pictures speak to me and reveal not only our greed, carelessness, and wastefulness, but also our hopefulness in an ability to perhaps see that things vulnerable are the most fragile and treasured things to behold. In a way, it’s a shame that his eye is so developed and his talent is such that everything he captures comes out in an evocative and hauntingly beautiful way. But that’s the paradoxical nature of his art … that he loves the world so much and cares so much for its future, that he can’t help but capture its beauty and majesty in a way that doesn’t show how degraded we have become as shamelessly wasteful people.”

YOO-JONG KIM, Walter Randel Gallery, New York

(Curator of Exhibitions).


Awards/ Fellowship

2004 - Canon New Zealand - Architectural Photographer of the Year

2006 - Photographer of the Year - Federation of European Photographers

2009 - Hasselblad Masters finalist

2014 & 2015 - First Creative Fellow - Australian Climate Institute




2017 13 June - 1 July - Whitespace Gallery, Auckland 

2016 - Library at the Dock - The Story of our Planet Unfolds

2014 - Customshouse Sydney - The Story of our Planet Unfolds

2011 - Whitespace Gallery, Auckland - Climate

2010 - UTS Gallery, Sydney - The Challenges Landscape

2009 - Milk Studio, New York - Hasselblad Masters on Tour

2009 - Primo, London - Hasselblad Masters on Tour

2009 - DASK Gallery, Copenhagen - Hasselblad Masters on Tour 

2009 - Walter Randell Gallery, New York - Born of the Moment and Method

2007 - Brightspace Gallery, Melbourne