Creative Fellow

I've recently become The Climate Institute's first Creative Fellow in an exciting partnership that will bring about the next stage of my climate change photography project. Through the fellowship I'll explore new ways to communicate the opportunities, threats and human face of climate change to help inspire action.

Photography at times can be a rather solo pursuit, this suits my character. It is however important to know your work and efforts are being recognised. TCI's decision to award me this fellowship comes as a very welcomed validation of what has become a five year commitment on my part. I feel grateful indeed for their recognition and support, and I delight in the possibilities which lay ahead as we strive together toward exposing what I consider the most urgent and pressing situation humanity has ever faced and to inspire action toward a sustainable future for us all.

We are at the very beginning of what could and should be a most positive, inspiring, spiritual journey the human race has ever embarked upon. There are now seven billion of us, we owe it to ourselves to create a more sustainable planet, we need also to become aware of the seven times seven billion who will inhabit this planet once you and I have left it. We have the opportunity to be recognised by future generations as the most inspired generation to have lived, we, each one of us need to inspire others to be this generation.

John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute shared some welcoming words at the launch of the Fellowship Program:

“While Australia has been stuck in a toxic political debate and scare campaigns about laws that price and limit carbon pollution, the threat of climate change hasn’t gone away. Globally we continue to see unprecedented extreme weather events and record low levels of ice in the Arctic, continuing a trend that began in the 1990s. This serves as a stark reminder of why strong and decisive action is necessary – something that Michael’s images are also a reminder of. This Creative Fellowship and our support for Michael’s work reflect our commitment to finding innovative ways to share the urgency of action on climate change and supporting excellence in applied research and effective communications. Michael’s photographs make the reality of climate change tangible. They localize the issue and give it personal relevance."

We're grateful to have received some seed funding from Sylvia & Michael Kantor to kick start the next stage of my journey, but we'll need more to fully realise the project! If you're interested in learning more about how you can support the project, shoot us an email at

You can also find more information on the Fellowship Program by visiting The Climate Institute's website.