Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years and feel its time to start sharing more than just my images.

My focus is on exploring human impact upon the environment. I’m Investing much of my time and energy in my current project, which ultimately effects us all…. Climate Change…. in hope of improving ecological awareness around the world through my images.

It all began in late 2006, when my younger brother shared his thoughts, words that I will never forget.

“The consequences of what we are doing to our planet are so scary it’s sometimes too frightening to even think about”

That topic of conversation was so unsettling that I went on in the pursuit to learn more. I took in hand Tim Flannery’s book, The Weather Makers, and read this from cover to cover several times over.

This awareness led me to set about working out how to create a body of work that would portray both the causes and effects of climate change, honestly and graphically. Capturing through my lens what I knew in my bones had to be documented.

“Photography is a language, with this language you must have something worthwhile to say; find something you care about deeply and make photographs which speak on an emotional level. You must have a reason to be somewhere in the world taking photographs. You have to believe your pictures will be of some use. Otherwise there is no point”

-Sebastiao Salgado

So, I have much to do to take this project forward and I invite you to take part in this journey with me, and may we all find the way forward to a more healthy, sustainable planet.

Michael Hall