Wyangala Dam

This is Wyangala Dam which is less than a 4 hour drive from Sydney. To give you an idea of the scale of this photograph, the wall of the dam is 85m in height: taller than a 25 storey building. I've talked to people who would spend their holidays and weekends here with their families waterskiing, picnicking and camping by the side of this lake.

I took this photograph back in 2007 during the 'Big Dry', Australia's most prolonged and severe drought in recorded history. As climate change takes hold throughout the world, weather patterns become more intense and unpredictable.

During this period, severe water restrictions were in place, farmers were suiciding and forest fires were prevalent. For me the culmination of all this was the Black Saturday bush fires. I found it slightly disturbing - and odd indeed - that mainstream media at the time hadn't connected the dots and were mostly attributing these events to the El Nino cycle or to arsonists, anything but climate change. Many locals, including volunteer firefighters, I met through my travels were voicing strong opinions that climate change was a load of bunk. This made me even more determined to dispel the lies of what was then a strong undercurrent of climate change denial.

Wyangala dam (4hrs drive from Sydney) during the 'Big Dry' in 2007.